Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial 1 

Michael Mulcahy, Builder, CA.LIC.#645789

193 Rivendell Lane                                                                                                                         
Paradise, CA 95969

TO: Dan Back
        Certified Home Inspection Service

Dear Dan Back:

I wish to express my appreciation for the very thorough home inspection you performed on the home my wife and I have just purchased here.

But in particular I wish to commend you for the responsibility you showed when you encountered a dangerous situation with the electrical panel here.  My electrical contractor looked at the panel this weekend and confirmed that it could have been a life-threatening situation.  By removing the faulty circuit breaker from operation you possibly prevented a serious injury or even the death of an unsuspecting person.

This is service above and beyond the normal limits of a home inspection!

Very truly yours,


cc: Steve Williams
       Ponderosa Realty 

Client Testimonial 2 
Dan Back
Certified Home Inspection Service                                                                                     548 Green Court
367 W. Liberty Road                                                                                                                 Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Gridley, CA 95948                                                                                                                             

Dear Dan,

Fred and I want to thank you for your incredible inspection of the Starlight Court home in Paradise.  We were very happy with the report, its presentation, timely delivery and its content.

We are sorry that the key problem wasn't resolved before you left, but we did get the opportunity to go through that room on Saturday.  We did look at it with your report in hand, so we were able to assess the quality in much more detail and knowledge.  Since we will be having some modification in some electric wiring after the sale is complete we will be sure to have that room checked at that time of any defects or problems.

One thing that will be changed will be THAT door set-up!  French doors or some type similar with the addition of a window in the same wall is what we are considering.  I have never seen a sliding screen, glass patio door in tracks that wasn't a problem.  Either you can't open them, they won't close or they are jammed somewhere in between and a hole in the screen.

The Geologist echoed your concerns about the roof runoff water and gave us good ideas for the location and direction of down spouts and how to direct the runoff to the advantage of the plants and the building.  All were simple and easy to execute.

Being an out-of-area buyer makes it hard to spend the time and have the knowledge of construction in another area.  Your service allowed us to gain the insight and information to make the final decision in the purchase of this home.  Thank you!

We also referred you to the loan officer, Ann Wing, at Directors Mortgage in Paradise.  Hopefully, you will hear from her.  I know that Ray Vindhurst, the broker at Realty World was impressed too.

Harriett R. Moore

Client Testimonial 3 

I just returned from leave in Oklahoma.  What can I say?  You did not have to do any of that, and I really can't thank you enough.  I'm totally impressed with your customer service and attitude.  All I can tell you is that I owe you one, and you are my inspector on any future purchases for sure.  As I'm sure you know, we have an extensive "word of mouth" network here on Beale AFB, and I'm going to recommend you to anyone buying a new home.

Thank you so much Dan as you've been a godsend and have made the purchase of my first home a great experience.


Beau Chapman
Captain, US Air Force

Client Testimonial 4
Dear Dan:

We chose Certified Home Inspection Service because of their outstanding reputation for being very accurate and thorough.

Dave & Lynda Drickey
5533 Paloma Ave.
Paradise, CA 9596

Client Testimonial 5
Dear Dan,
The inspection report binder arrived yesterday and I am mailing payment right away.  You are a real "pro".  It has been a pleasure, hope to be able to meet you in person, soon!

Thank you,
Lori & Dran Stewart

Client Testimonial 6
Dan Back                                                                                                                             Gary Kim
Certified Home Inspection Service                                                                         Realtor & Public Speaker
                                                                                                                                                Landmark Group Realtors
To Dan:

I recently had the occasion to use your inspection service on 14374 Merriam Road in Dobbins and was very pleased with the results.

My client not only feels secure in writing his offer on the home, but he is also confident with the warranty that you provided him with your inspection.  Since this was an "as is" purchase, your service was particularly valuable and his comment to me was that your inspection was "well worth the money."

I look forward to doing even more business with you in the future since I see great value in your inspection service for both my buyers and sellers.

Gary Kim

Client Testimonial 7
Dear Mr. Back

Thanks for the very prompt and thorough inspection on our house at Woodhurst Court.  Your report was very clear and professional looking.

Yours truly,
Wilfrid Osborne

Client Testimonial 8
Sorry for the delay in payment.  We went out of town and forgot to mail the check.
Thank you so much for the great job you did.  Your report and clarification put our mind at ease.

Shelly Gorden

Client Testimonial 9
Dan A. Back                                                                                                                           1648 Whiltling Drive
Inspector                                                                                                                                 Redding, CA 96003
Certified Home Inspection Service

Dear Mr. Back:

The purpose of this letter is to commend you for the home inspection, and specifically for the thorough, yet concise and easy to read report that you performed on my home here in Redding.

When I bought this home I was living in Paradise, Ca. and went to the local CENTURY 21 office to get their referral to a competent professional inspection service.  I said I wanted a thorough inspection and an easy to understand report.  I was told that it sounded as though I was describing the format of Dan A. Back.  I was shown some sample reports submitted by Dan Back, and other inspectors, and I readily saw why you were recommended. 

When I received your inspection report on my home it was even more helpful than I had expected.  It covered all of the points I had anticipated, plus many more, including emergency shut-off valves for water, gas, electrical, circuit breaker, etc.

The home you inspected was only two years old and you found only two minor defects. More importantly, you reported that the major structural components and mechanical systems displayed quality materials and professional workmanship.  This report, provided by a professional inspector, not connected with the builder, provided valuable peace of mind to me, the buyer.

I sent a copy of your report to my nephew who is an engineer in Seattle.  He phoned me right away and asked who had referred me to the author of this excellent report.  I told him CENTURY 21 in Paradise, and he was able to get a referral from his local CENTURY 21 to a competent professional home inspector in Seattle.

John Talley

cc: CENTURY 21, Paradise, CA

Client Testimonial 10
Mr Back:
Thank you for doing our inspection for our home purchase at 1627 Cummings Ct.  We are so pleased with your professionalism and thoroughness.  We wish you the best!

My nephew also asked how much I had to pay for this service.  In closing, I will just say that I agree with my nephew when he said that was money well spent.

Retta Grewelle

Client Testimonial 11
I've received your report, and will review with our realtor and the owner's agent.

Thanks for the great work!

Capt. Chris Carlton
13 AF Logistics Plans
Unit 14033
APO AP 96543-4033

Client Testimonial 12
Dan Back:                                                                                                                                            Don & Cindy Pitter
                                                                                                                                                           2770 Quail Pointe Dr
Thanks for doing a good job on the inspection and report.                                                    Yuba City, CA

Don Pitter

Client Testimonial 13
To: Certified Home Inspections
From: Lloyd Wilson

Dan, Thanks for the thorough inspection.  My contractor brother-in-law, Randy, spoke very favorably of your thorough inspection.

I am mailing your check today.

Thanks Again,
Lloyd Wilson

Client Testimonial 14
From: Maude Sue Chandler, Realtor
Century 21 Select Real Estate

Dan is always professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable.  I recommend him to all my clients.

Client Testimonial 15
From: Jim Dusa, Director/Realtor
Dusa & Associates Real Estate

Dan has good communication skills and explains problems in terms a non-expert could understand.  I was very pleased with the inspection.

Client Testimonial 16
Shirley Henrikson, Realtor
ERA Showcase Real Estate

Dan is Truly a Professional - He is sensitive to Both Me, the Seller, and the Buyers.  He is also concerned about helping us keep our Real Estate Transactions Together!

Client Testimonial 17
Brad Burris, Broker/Owner
ERA Showcase Real Estate

Dan is the most professional inspector in our market area.

Client Testimonial 18
Gail Carter, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Heritage House

Dan: Excellent as usual.  Always professional, helpful, & explains the things my clients need to know.

Client Testimonial 19
Judy Rose, Realtor
Associated Brokers

Dan is extremely courteous.  He explained every aspect of his report & inspection clearly and concisely in a manner that my elderly clients could understand without talking down to them.  His knowledge and professionalism is greatly appreciated.

Client Testimonial 20
Pat Middleton, Realtor
Century 21 Select Real Estate

Dan is excellent "all around."

Client Testimonial 21
Kyle & Cynthia Miller, Clients

Dan is very professional.  We really appreciated the wealth of information in the report and in the binder.  We would definitely recommend Dan to anyone else buying a house.

Client Testimonial 22
Giny Ritz, Realtor
Remax Gold

Dan consistently does a good job.

Client Testimonial 23
Debbie Honeycutt, Realtor
Century 21 Select Real Estate

I did not attend the inspection, but the buyer met with Dan at the property.   My client was very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and report and communicated well with Dan.

Client Testimonial 24
Jack M. Levine
Century 21 Select Real Estate

Dan has been professional in his reporting and working with my clients.  I feel he does a great job and represents his company well.

Client Testimonial 25
Debbie Honeycutt
Century 21 Select Real Estate

Dan always does a good job.  If there are things that need to be corrected he has a nice way of telling the seller and/or the buyers - doesn't scare them!

Client Testimonial 26
John Ballantyne, Realtor & Client
Century 21 Select Real Estate

Dan's inspections and reports are so far above any other home inspection service I have used and sets the standards for excellence.

Client Testimonial 27

We have already recommended Dan Back to other people.  This service was worth the extra $75.00.

Client Testimonial 28
Steve Williams
Broker/Owner Coldwell Banker Ponderosa Real Estate

The seller puts forward the best; the buyer responds positively to the superficial.  Your service provided the "realty check."

Client Testimonial 29
Bill Schohr
Nor Cal Property & Real Estate, Broker/Owner

I wasn't there but feel as if very professionally analyzed.

Client Testimonial 30
Joyce Baldwin, Realtor
First Shasta Coldwell Banker

Very thorough inspector.  Phone interview was excellent and inspection presentation surpassed our expectations.  Will Recommend highly.

Client Testimonial 31

Please find enclosed check for $1500 for your inspection fee.  I apologize if this is a bit late.  I was out of the country and given the current events I had to postpone my return.  I hope you understand.

Diego Coffole

P.S.  Excellent work, Thank You!

Client Testimonial 31
Thank you for doing such a detailed inspection.

Kathi Harbness

Client Testimonial 32

I'm sorry this has taken so long.  Things have been so hectic.  We finally closed on the house and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much for doing such a thorough inspection!

Thanks Again,
Kim McLeree

Client Testimonial 33

Mark Chrisco, Realtor

"Very comprehensive inspections that meet the highest professional standards."

Client Testimonial 34
Bill Campbell, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Dufour

"Both my buyers and seller have been extremely pleased with Dan Back's inspections.  He is knowledgeable and very thorough.  I will continue to recommend his premium service."

Client Testimonial 35
Peter Tichinin, Broker/Owner 
Prudential Real Estate

"I always recommend a home inspection for my clients, buyers and sellers.  Dan Back's inspections are state of the art and very thorough.  His operation is very professional from start to finish."

Client Testimonial 36

Tanny Johnson, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Dufour

"Dan Back's inspection reports are so thorough.... It's the best insurance policy I could have."

Client Testimonial 37

Charlotte Patton, Realtor
Century 21
"The thorough services provided through home inspections by Dan Back have been a tremendous asset to the buy purchasing a home and the seller of a home.  And a real plus is the piece of mind the inspection provides for this Realtor.  Thanks Dan."

Client Testimonial 38

Kim Jergentz, Realtor
Century 21

"Dan gives my clients, buyers and sellers alike, the most complete and thorough inspection in the industry.  I use him exclusively."

Client Testimonial 39
Sandy Kalinowski, Realtor
Coldwell Bank Dufour

"It is so easy to contact Dan.  He always answers his cell phone and gets back to me wherever he's at.  Also, his inspections are very thorough.  I always feel my clients get their money's worth.

Client Testimonial 40

"Dan Back's inspection saved us a fortune by noting conditions that needed repairs before we purchased the house.

Thanks so much,
Allen & Francine Gair, Chico

Client Testimonial 41

"We were anxious first time buyers and Dan Back's thorough inspection helped us validate our purchase decision.  We recommend Certified Home Inspection Service.

Ken & Becky McDermith, Gridley

Client Testimonial 42
Diane Alioa, Realtor
Remax Gold

Thank you so much for your outstanding service and your flexibility in scheduling the inspection for 1277 Casita #1.

I am looking forward to my future business where I can use your services, and know I'll get a great quality product!"

Thanks Again,
Diane Alioa