Usually, we are asked "how much?" before we are asked "how much experience, education and training does the inspector have?" We have inspected: over 6000 houses, over 6500 heating and cooling systems, over 8,000 electrical panels, and have 450 miles walking on roofs (with no callbacks).  In addition, we have over 1200 hours of training, maintain an average of 50 hours of continuing education each your, and remain up to date on current building materials, standards, and practices. 

Professional inspectors fees are based on their knowledge, experience, and what they perceive they are worth.  And by the size (square footage) of the property, occupancy use (single family residence, duplex, commercial, etc). 

Don't let the largest investment of your life depend on a difference of $50 or $100 between inspection companies rates. 

Is there a dollar value you can place on your
"peace of mind"? 

Shop the best value for your inspection dollar. 
A quality inspection is a very important component in your purchase decision.
"Using the Most Qualified Home Inspector is Not Expensive, It's Priceless."

Please call 800-646-2225 for a price quote.

Items Below Inspected for Additional fee:

detached garage       $50.00
Hydro-tub                   $25.00
Sauna                         $25.00
Pool                            $95.00
Spa                             $50.00
Pool & spa                $125.00

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Carbon monoxide
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