Dan Back
Perform residential and commercial inspections.  Owner of CERTIFIED Home Inspection Service, a private building inspection and consulting firm.  Have personally performed over 4000 residential, multi-unit, and commercial inspections in California.
1992-present, Certified Home Inspector, No. 1094, American Institute of Inspectors
1993-present, Certified Manufactured Home Inspector, American Institute of Inspectors
1995-present, Inspector/Member of the California Real Estate Inspection Association
1995-present, Certified Professional Home Inspector, INSPECTECH Corporation
1996-present, Veteran Affairs Home Inspector, nine county area
Member, American Institute of Inspectors (AII)
Member, California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA)
Member, INSPECTECH Corporation
Member, International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)
Member, INSPECTECH Corporation’s Presidents Circle
Certified Residential Home Inspector, The League of California Homeowners
Affiliate Member Sutter-Yuba Association of Realtors
Affiliate Member of Nevada County Board of Realtors
Affiliate Member of Oroville Association of Realtors
1994 Secretary of the Sacramento Chapter, American Institute of Inspectors
1995 State President, American Institute of Inspectors
1995 Member Board of Directors, American Institute of Inspectors
1995-present, Board Member, California Coalition of Home Inspectors (CCHI)
1996-present, Member of Leadership Advisory Council, INSPECTECH Corporation
1997 Vice President, American Institute of Inspectors
AA Butte College
BS California Polytechnic State University
1992 Attended Earthquake Safety Inspection sponsored by AII
1993-present, actively attended monthly AII educational meetings
1993, CREIA Regional Education Conference. Three-day seminar included ABS Failures,
Electrical, Foundations, Drainage, & Water Penetration, Geotechnical and Structural, Roofing, and Plumbing Codes.
1994, Attended Wood Stoves, Inserts, and 0-Clearance Fireplace seminar, sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).
1994, Attended Hands-On Plumbing Seminar, sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of ASHI.
1994, Attended Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings Seminar sponsored by CREIA.
1994, CREIA Regional Education Conference. Three-day seminar included Commercial, Pool and Spa, Concrete Foundation Deterioration, Roofing, Electrical, Gas Appliances, and Stucco and Drywall.
1994, AII Regional Conference. Two-day seminar included Manufactured Homes, Lead Paint, and Seismic Inspections.
1995-present, actively attended monthly CREIA educational meetings.
1995, Attended P.G.&E. On Site Seminar sponsored by the International Association of Building Officials (ICBO).
1995, Attended five-day course on Commercial Property Inspections sponsored by International Training Associates, Instructor Jack Deal.
1995, AII Regional Education Conference. Two-day seminar included Hazardous Materials, Fireplace and Chimney, Earthquake, Condominium Reserve Studies, Heating Systems, Cost Estimating, and Manufactured Homes.
1995, Attended Plumbing and Heating Seminar sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of ASHI.
1995, Attended June Seminar and Regional Meeting sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of ASHI.
1995-present, actively attended Legislative Task Force Committee meetings of the California Coalition of Home Inspectors (CCHI).
1995, Attended two weeks INSPECTECH Home Inspection Course including intensive training and testing. Included Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air Conditioning, Structural, Exterior, and Foundation and Drainage.
1996, Attended AII Spring Seminar, including Environmental Home Inspections and Wood Stoves.
1996, Attended seminar, Analysis of the 1996 National Electrical Code sponsored by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI).
1996, Attended Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & Testing Seminar sponsored by the Golden Gate Chapter of ASHI.
1996, Attended Plumbing Inspection Seminar sponsored by INSPECTECH Corporation.
1996, Attended Structural Inspections sponsored by INSPECTECH Corporation.
1996, AII Regional Education Conference. Two and half day seminar included Moisture Intrusion, Evaluating Earthquake Weaknesses & the Principals of Seismic Retrofitting for Wood-Frame Houses, and Wood Stoves & Fireplace Inserts.
1996, CREIA Regional Education Conference. Two and half day seminar included Moisture Intrusion, Foundation & Drainage Problems, Electrical, and Plumbing.
1997, INSPECTECH Annual Education Conference. Two and half day seminar included Expert Witness & Consulting.
1997, ASHI National Regional Education Conference. Three-day seminar included Lead Assessment, Environmental Inspections, Advanced Electrical, Advanced Plumbing, Advanced Heating & Air-Conditioning, Problems With Foundations & Slabs, Soil and Its Effect On Foundations.
1997, Construction Business & Technology Conference (CBTC). Three-day seminar included Common Framing Errors & Solutions, Leak Free Exterior Details, Zero Defect Construction Techniques, Stucco & EIFS Leak Problems & Solutions, Liability For Latent Defects, Troubleshooting Hillside Foundations, and Common Code Violations.
1997, CREIA Regional Education Conference. Three day seminar included Pools & Spas, Electrical, New High Tech Roofing Systems, Inspection 101 & 102, and Interpretation of Business & Professions Code 7195.
1998, INSPECTECH Annual Education Conference. Two-day seminar included Commercial Inspections and Marketing. 
1998, Attended Building Technology Seminar. Day seminar included Leak Detection, EIFS Stucco Installation & Inspection, Effective Waterproofing Details, and Deck Waterproofing Systems.
1998, CREIA Annual Education Conference. Three-day seminar included Defects In New Construction, Leakage At Windows & Doors, Moisture Intrusion, Advanced Electrical & Grounding, Environment Inspections, Heating & Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Chimney, Decks, and Commercial Inspections.
1998, AII Annual Education Conference. Three day seminar included Defective Hardboard Siding (Louisiana Pacific, Georgia Pacific, & Masonite), Chimney & Fireplace Inserts, Heating/Venting and Air Conditioning, Electrical Review, Basement Problems, Simpson Strong Tie, and Inspecting Manufactured Housing.
1998, Certified in Water/Well testing by METS Laboratory.
1999, Certified FHA 203K Consulting Inspector.
1999, CREIA Spring Conference. Two day Seminar included Low & Steep Slope Roofing (built-up, modified bitumen, rolled roofing, thermoplastics, asphalt shingles, tile, wood roofing, and flashing detail, roof ventilation & roof structure), Roofing & Moisture Investigation, Fungus Investigation, and Decks, Windows, & Door Drainage.
1999, CREIA Summer Seminar. Day seminar on “Risk Management For Inspectors”, instructors, Douglas Glass, Esq., San Diego real estate trial lawyer and recipient of “Outstanding Trial Lawyers Award” by the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego and Scott Clements, President of the California Real Estate Inspection Association.
1999, ITA, Attended International Training Associates Annual Education Conference, “Inspection 2000.” Three day seminar included Siding Defects, Safety Issues, Seismic Connections, Sub-structural Inspection, Electrical Grounding, Intrusive Investigations, Tile Roofing, Code Check, Slab Foundation Investigation, Hydronic Heating Systems & Air Conditioning.
2000, CREIA-ASHI Annual Conference. Three day seminar included Gas Force Air Heating Systems, Pool & Spa, Commercial Electrical, Commercial Structural, Commercial Roofing, Inspecting EIFS Synthetic Siding, Fireplace, Indoor Air Quality, Avoiding & Surviving Litigation, and Seismic Aspects of Wood Frame Buildings.
2000, ASHI Seminar “All About Roofing.” Two-day seminar included identifying defects in Low Slope, Steep Slope, & Roof Structure, and Moisture Intrusion.
2000, CREIA Seminar “Code Conference.” Two-day seminar included Building, Energy, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, Mechanical, Water Heater, and Underwriters Laboratory Codes.
2000, ITA, Attended International Training Associated Annual Education Conference 2000. Three day seminar included Electrical Inspection, Indoor Air Quality, Steam Heating, Low Slope Roofing, Roof Flashing Details, Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS), Diagnosing Roof Structures, Risk Management, Fireplace & Wood Stoves, Inspecting Gas Appliances, and Expert Consultation.
2001, Indoor Mold Testing Certification by METS Laboratory.
2001, CREIA Spring Conference. Two-day conference included Heating, Venting, & Air Conditioning, Potable Water Systems, Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems, Water Heaters, Common Areas For Fires In A Home, and Window Leakage.
2001, ITA, International Training Associates Annual Education Conference. Three day conference included In-Progress Construction Inspection, Multi-Family Dwelling Inspection, The Inspection Process, Common Themes In Codes, Electric Energy Regulations, Private Waste Disposal Systems, Private Water Supply Inspections, Roofing Installation Defects, and Air Conditioning Evaluation.
2001, CREIA, Attended seminar on Environmental Mold “Health, Environmental, and Legal Considerations.”
2002, CREIA Seminar. Full day Seminar, “Residential & Light Commercial Electrical Inspection by Douglas Hansen.
2002, CREIA Spring Education Conference, San Jose, CA. Two day seminar included: In Progress Construction Inspection, Fireplace Inspection Risk Management, Built-Up Roofing, Pool & Spa Inspections, Roofing & Flashing Installation Defects, Attic Truss Installation Defects, and New Construction Electrical Inspections.
2002, Mold Testing Seminar, received additional mold certification.
2002, Electrical Systems Seminar, by Douglas Hansen
2002, CREIA Fall Education Conference, Ontario, CA. Two day seminar included: New Residential Construction Inspections, Mold Matters, Air Conditioning “Heat Pumps”, Electrical New Code Changes,
2002, attended Level One Mold Assessor Seminar.
2003, attended 3 day training course in New Construction Inspections in Oceanside, CA., by International Training Associates.
2003, CREIA Spring Education Conference, Sacramento, CA. Two day seminar included: Fire Resistive Construction and Occupancy Separations, Geo-Technical Observations and Reporting, Plumbing- Vents to Cross Connections, Consolidated Furnaces Revisited, Appliance Inspections, Electrical Inspection Protocols, Manufactured Concrete Fireplaces.
2003, CREIA Fall Education Conference, Woodland Hills, CA. Two-day seminar included Ventilation & Gas Heating Appliances, Ventilation & Moisture, Deck Flashing, Showers Built To Fail, Classic Electrical Conditions, & Changing Standards.
2003, AII Fall Education Conference, Reno, NV. Three day seminar included Environmental Concerns, Building Weatherization Techniques, Structural Damage -Natural or Man Made, and Basic Facts of Natural Gas & Heating.
2004, CREIA Spring Conference, San Jose, CA. Two-day seminar included Stucco Systems, Concrete Tile Roofs, Heating & Cooling, Garage Defects, & Code Check.
2004, Home Inspector & The Fireplace Course HI-01. Full day course on fireplace inspections by Dale Feb of Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service.
2004, CREIA Fall Conference, Costa Mesa, CA. Two-day seminar included Fireplace, Truss Installation and Defects, Condominium Reserve Study Inspections, Window & Door Installations, and Defect Forensic Procedures & Reporting.
2004, Moisture Intrusion and The Home Inspector. One-half day seminar on moisture intrusion presented by Austin Chase and John Lee. Both are Certified Indoor Environmental Specialists and members of CREIA.
2005, Post Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings seminar. The instructor, Robert Bruce is a licensed structural engineer and well-known authority on evaluations of buildings following earthquakes, floods, and fires.
2005, CREIA Spring Conference, San Francisco, CA. Two-day conference included New Construction Phase Inspections, Electrical Defects From Fuses To Panels, Defects in Concrete, Manufactured Housing, & Inspecting Crawl Spaces.
2005, Natural Gas Appliance Seminar for Home Inspectors. Presented by Gary Fagilde, Chief Training Gas Appliance Specialist for Pacific Gas and Electric Company at P.G.&E’s Energy Training Center, Stockton, California. Course included pre and post seminar test, properties of natural gas, overview of gas appliance safety inspections, carbon monoxide measurements, combustion and ventilation requirements, visual inspection of gas appliances, checking for proper draft on gas vented appliances, (natural draft, induced draft, and power vent condensing furnaces), combustion safety demonstration, and participation in the laboratory.
2005, Concrete Tile Roof Inspection Seminar For Home Inspectors. Presented by Mike Schindler, tile roof material and installation expert.
2006, Fireplace & Chimney Inspections “Red Flags” by Aaron Zambran of A to Z Chimney Sweep.
2006, CREIA Spring Conference, San Jose. Three day conference included IRC Prep-Structure, California Today With The I-Codes, IRC Residential Mechanical Inspections, IRC Plumbing Inspection, Residential to Commercial Electrical, Commercial Inspection, Forensic Studies of Buildings, Building Interiors Parts 1 & 2, Inspection Procedures & Protocols, What’s New In Fireplace Technology, Risk Management For The Home Inspector.
2006, Certified Inspector by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
2006, CREIA/ASHI Seminar, Foster City, “Inspecting Exterior Decks” Instructors: Laurence Kornfield, Chief Building Inspector, City of San Francisco, Alan Huntzinger, PE Civil Engineer & Home Inspector, & Steve Quaries, UC Cooperative Extension Wood Durability Advisor
2006, Certified Tile Roofing Installer by The Tile Roofing Institute, attended tile roof installer program in Sacramento, CA.
2007, CREIA Fall Conference, Reno, NV. Two day conference included Exterior Hardscape/Stone & Decks, Interior Floors, Counters & Showers, and Concrete & Clay Tile Roof Installations 
2007, CREIA Seminar “Inspection Procedures & Protocols” and “Effective Report Writing”,
presented by Mike Schindler.
2008, CREIA Electrical Tool Box Seminar on “Electrical Inspections”, WECA-IEC Sacramento Training Facility presented by Dan Bierly, Electrician Apprenticeship & Training Lead Instructor, Sacramento, CA
2009, CREIA Electrical Tool Box Seminar on “Code Check Electrical”, Oakland, CA. presented by Doug Hansen.
2009, CREIA Pool/Spa Seminar, Instructor Peter Boyd, Sacramento, CA
2009, CREIA Plumbing Code Seminar, Instructor Mike Casey, San Mateo, CA
2009, CREIA Seminar, “HVAC” Training by Beutler Heating & Cooling Company, McClellan, CA
2009 CREIA Seminar “New Deck Codes”, by Simpson Strong Tie, Stockton, CA
2009 CREIA Seminar, “Electrical Tool Box”, instructor Michael Hosier, Manteca Building Inspector 
Attached is a curriculum vita including updated accredited courses and seminars I have taken in order to maintain my status as a professional inspector.  These courses and seminars are required by the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) to retain my affiliation with those organizations.
Dan Back