What We Inspect


CERTIFIED Home Inspection Service provides a comprehensive narrative inspection report on residential homes, apartments, manufactured housing, and commercial buildings. Our home inspection report findings exceed the California Real Estate Inspection Association  Standards of Practice (CREIA).


A CERTIFIED Home Inspection covers all of the essential systems and structural components in the home including:

Site and Ground: Site, fencing and gates, retaining wall, vegetation.

Exterior: Exterior walls, stairs, eaves, soffits, fascia, chimneys.

Heating Systems: Description, condition, venting, combustion air, burners, distribution systems, ducting, registers, normal controls, return air compartment, general observations.

Cooling Systems: Cooling equipment, size (tons), operation, energy source, fusing, age, condition.

Electrical Systems: Service and capacity (AMPERAGE), main and sub-panels, branch circuitry, wiring, outlets, GFCI(s), AFCI(s).

Plumbing Systems: Main and supply piping, waste lines, fuel lines, functional flow and drainage, water heaters.

Roof Coverings: Roof, flashings, skylights, chimney(s), gutters, downspouts, tile roofs walked on.

Interior: Walls, ceilings and floors, ventilation components, doors and windows, stairs, handrails/guardrails, cabinet and counter-top surfaces, safety glazing in locations subject to human impact.

Foundations: Perimeter, slab, and basement foundations, drainage, crawl spaces.

Attic Areas and Roof Framing: Framing, sheathing, insulation, ventilation, attic entered where accessible.

Chimney/Fireplace: Chimney(s), flues, firebox, fireplace and associated components, damper, hearth extensions, wood stoves, ornamental gas fireplaces. 

Kitchen: Sinks, appliances.

Garage: Floor, firewall, entry and side door, ventilation, vehicle doors, automatic openers.

Drainage: Perimeter of building

Insulation/Energy Efficiency: Energy Analysis- attic, wall, floor, water heater, weather stripping, thermal windows, insulation supply piping, etc.

Optional Services- Additional Fee:
Pool/Spa: Surface, associated equipment, electrical, anti-vortex, filters, pumps, scuppers, description, operation, tips on care.
Well & Water Potability: E.coli and coliform bacteria, nitrates, GPM and PSI, electrical. 
Indoor Air Sampling: Air and surface mold testing, certified mold tester.

Carbon Monoxide Testing: Testing with state-of-art Monoxor II by certified CO tester.

Expert Consultation: Building defects, depositions, expert testimony.


Your detailed, narrative report with photos, will include a summary with suggestions for necessary repairs, ongoing maintenance, safety issues, and upgrades.  In addition, our inspection service includes a complete on-site orientation to make you fully comfortable with your home.  Dan Back your inspector will point out important features, discuss any of your concerns and give you valuable suggestions about the workings of your home.